Welcome to Sgabriele.wordpress.com

I am totally new at blogging. But it might be helpful in my work. So, I am exploring wordpress.com to see how it works. I hope to find an easy way for my groups of clients to revise, edit and codesign their meeting formats. You can find out more about my work at

2 Responses to “Welcome to Sgabriele.wordpress.com”

  1. daviding Says:

    Hi, Sue.

    You’ve definitely fixed the post/page issue.

    You can answer leave a comment on my comment, which will start a stream of discussion.

    As administrator, you could also delete comments (like this one) that become irrelevant over time. The practice in blogging is to NOT change content, though. It’s to create a new blog post referring to the old blog post. Thus, today I could “think black”, but tomorrow I could create another post saying “yesterday, I though black, but on deeper thought, I now think white”.

  2. sgabriele Says:

    This is really helping David. I think I can make it work for me. The only question remaining is if the staff wants it to be private.

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