Benefits of Scripts

8 Benefits of RoundTable Scripts (i.e.,  Leaders Guide, 5 Basic Readings) 

  1. A Tool for Peer Leadership. They allow rotating facilitation. Even a novice can facilitate.
  2. Surprisingly Unintrusive. They allow all participants and facilitators, novice or expert, to direct their attention to the content of the RoundTable, rather than the process.
  3. Variety of a Different Sort. Even though the same readings may be read at every session, there is a variety of a different sort. As listeners, we hear the scripts read by a half dozen different people every session, and frequently act as reader ourselves. We experience the different reading styles of our fellow members and silently evaluate the effects of each style.  After just five sessions, group members will have experienced 30 people as RoundTable facilitators, instead of only one. We each, in our own ways, may experience a new “take” on leadership qualities, moving towards stewardship as we note that our reading is of service in this way to fellow listeners.
  4. Time Saving. The number of words in the scripts can be controlled– to take very little time.  Also, repeating short scripts  increases learner access to these organizing principles by increasing quantity and frequency of review. In fact, rote readings take less than ten minutes of the 60-minute RoundTable. Moreover, the 60 minute RoundTable takes only 60 minutes of the group member’s day.
  5. Time for Reflection. The rote readings can be a welcome change, a chance for the group member to silently reflect on the topic, his/her own inner thoughts, or the meaning of the readings’ words, and to consider if other words might be more effective.
  6. Easy to Co-design and Improve. Because the scripts are written texts, the RoundTable management, agenda, and curriculum can be co-designed by the whole group. They can be improved and modified to condense more information as the group increases in maturity and expertise. This is perhaps the most important benefit of the script. It fosters and documents a simple form, method, and means for conscious guided evolution. With this in mind, the “RoundTable Guidelines”are intended to be scripts for a Level 1, Introductory or General RoundTable. A Level 2 RoundTable uses scripts selected or written by the users around their more specific purposes.(see )
  7. Robust and Harmonious Principles for Organizing Group Learning. In fact, users can select words for the readings that are their valued precepts to live and learn by, thus effortlessly preserving and evolving their group affirmations, core values, decisions and behavior.
  8. Accelerating Individual and Group Learning. The organization’s valued principles, read every session, are more quickly acquired and evaluated by individuals and, on need, easily modified by the group

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