Press Release: New Hope for Schools

The RoundTable: Good for Knights, Better For Students

New guide aims to help educators foster whole school improvement from within

LOS ANGELES – Imagine looking at an electrical power strip overflowing with cords rapidly causing it to burn out. Unfortunately this image applies to modern teachers and schools more than we may like to think. Ever-increasing demands, from the school, district, state and federal levels, leave teachers and principals with little time to focus on students’ needs.

“This is not a fault of teachers,” Susan Farr Gabriele, Ph.D. said. “The issue is systemic and requires a substantial change. A change I want to help implement in a new and simple way.”

Dr. Gabriele was a teacher in Los Angeles for over twenty years before deciding to return to graduate school, so she could research new answers to the problems facing public education. Her new book, “New Hope for Schools,” is the culmination of her research that aims to help teachers and administrators foster systemic change and renewal from within.

“The term school reform is generally associated with the fear of expending too much time and energy on costly, flawed programs,” Dr. Gabriele said. “I have created a simple new tactic called the RoundTable that can be inexpensively, easily and quickly added to any already occurring programming or meetings.”

These RoundTables are designed to allow 30 participants to give and hear every individual’s viewpoint in 30 minutes around their own topics, in their own classes and meetings. RoundTables can increase learning, communication and engagement amongst staff and students. Dr. Gabriele also provides hard research and a three-pronged approach that any school can utilize to create a better learning environment for students.

For any educator, parent, student, administrator, scholar, researcher or policy maker interested in education reform and the improvement of schools, Dr. Gabriele wants to help.

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“New Hope for Schools”
By: Susan Farr Gabriele, Ph.D.
SC-ISBN: 978-1-4917-2723-2
SC-Retail price: $32.95
Available at and

About the author

Susan Farr Gabriele, principal of Gabriele Educational Materials and Systems (GEMS), earned her Ph.D. in human science: social and institutional change by researching and creating the RoundTable program. Dr. Gabriele consults in schools, workplaces and learning communities across the nation and internationally.


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