4th Grade RoundTable Guide (Introductory)

Introductory/General 4th Grade RoundTable: Student Guide


(At __:00 please begin. Don’t read words in parentheses.)
1- Welcome, everyone, to RoundTable.  I will be the leader today.  Our teacher, Mrs./Mr./Ms. ____, will suggest a topic for today.  M. ____?
2- Thank you, M. ____.  First, let’s read our RoundTable Guidelines.
__, will you read OUR FORMAT? … Thank you.
__, will you read OUR PURPOSES? …Thank you.
..Thank you.

(At __:05,  please read…)
3- Again, M. ____ , will repeat the topic for today.  M.  ____?
4- Thank you,  M.  _____ .  Now, we will go around the circle.  Let’s offer everyone time to speak.  Please speak so that everyone can hear. We would like to hear from everyone. What you say is important to us.  Who is ready to speak? Three in a row are ready here.  Let’s begin with ___ and continue with ___…Thank you, (name). …Thank you, (name) (…etc.)
5- Is there anyone who passed who is ready to speak now?…. Thank you, ____. Anyone else? (Ask/check if there is time for a second round.)

6. (At ___:30) It’s time to close our RoundTable.  If you have something more you want to say, be sure to tell a classmate your idea later.
7. Thank you, everyone, for your thoughts in the RoundTable today!
8. Please give M.. ___ your attention.


OUR FORMAT- In the 30 minute RoundTable, we have 5 minutes of readings and 25 minutes of learning reports or comments, time distributed equally among all present. After about 5 or more sessions, we will have a Revision Session. We will talk about the format and student guide together. We will see if there is anything we want to change.

OUR PURPOSES- We use a leader’s guide and some basic readings–RoundTable Guidelines–for three main reasons: 1- We can cover a great deal of information in a very short time. 2- This leaves maximum time for each of us to present our ideas. The result is we hear everyone’s point of view and also cover the lesson. Finally, 3- we can take turns leading our own RoundTables.

GUIDELINES FOR RESPONDING- The leader will say “thank you” after each person speaks.  We will save all other responses to each other until after the RoundTable. That way, each of us can focus on our own thoughts and we will have time to hear from everyone.

GUIDELINES FOR LISTENING- As we listen to the five minutes of readings, we quiet our minds and think about the topic, our inner thoughts, and our lives at school.  As we listen to each other’s learning reports, we listen with attention and respect.  We enjoy the many different experiences and ideas. The many viewpoints help us to learn about ourselves, each other, and the subject matter we want to learn.

GUIDELINES FOR SPEAKING- We have a special time for everyone’s learning reports.  At your turn, we want to hear you say something about the story or topic, or anything else that is on your mind. Or, you may pass if you choose.  Let’s each take only one turn to speak, and speak about a minute (about 5 -7 sentences).  That way, we can offer everyone a turn to speak.

TOPIC FOR TODAY Regarding the story/chapter or topic….

1- SOME IDEAS ARE: What are your thoughts about it? the events? The people?  What does it mean?  How did it make you feel? What did you like? dislike? What was interesting? surprising?  What did you learn?  What did you already know? What would you like to know more about? What were you reminded about in your own life? Or anything else you’d like to say.
2- Support your comments with facts, details, examples, anecdotes (stories), or experiences.


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