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Benefits of Scripts

March 28, 2008

8 Benefits of RoundTable Scripts (i.e.,  Leaders Guide, 5 Basic Readings) 

  1. A Tool for Peer Leadership. They allow rotating facilitation. Even a novice can facilitate.
  2. Surprisingly Unintrusive. They allow all participants and facilitators, novice or expert, to direct their attention to the content of the RoundTable, rather than the process.
  3. Variety of a Different Sort. Even though the same readings may be read at every session, there is a variety of a different sort. As listeners, we hear the scripts read by a half dozen different people every session, and frequently act as reader ourselves. We experience the different reading styles of our fellow members and silently evaluate the effects of each style.  After just five sessions, group members will have experienced 30 people as RoundTable facilitators, instead of only one. We each, in our own ways, may experience a new “take” on leadership qualities, moving towards stewardship as we note that our reading is of service in this way to fellow listeners. (more…)