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RoundTable Proposal: From 30 Minutes to 3 Years

August 5, 2008

Phase 1- 30-minute RoundTable demos to acquaint prospective users
Phase 2- Contract to implement Regular RoundTables (e.g., weekly)
Phase 3- Contract for a 3-YEAR STUDY (below)

RATIONALE: California schools need “systemic solutions” which “would require huge sums of money,” according to a Rand Corporation report (January 4, 2005, Los Angeles Times). A successful systemic solution, also called schoolwide or continuous whole school improvement, is marked by three results: It is emancipatory (accelerating positive learning); sustained, (a regular activity, e.g., weekly) and comprehensive (including all school stakeholders). In practice, current systemic change efforts are user-unfriendly and not achievable, as they require all system members to be at the same level of readiness for change. What is needed is a systemic solution that is also cost-effective and user-friendly. The RoundTable is proposed to fill this need. (more…)