Faculty Meeting RoundTable Guide

FACILITATOR GUIDE (for a different facilitator each session) 245 wds.

(At 3:00 p.m. begin. Don’t read words in parentheses.)
1- Welcome, everyone. We are exploring a new faculty meeting format: the “RoundTable.” Let’s suspend judgment and experience it without stopping for 60 minutes today. Afterwards, we will talk about it for 5 minutes to consider its potential and answer any questions. For our reflection today, I’ll suggest the topic ___________.

2- I’ll ask for 5 volunteers to read our Basic Readings/RoundTable Guidelines (on the right).

Will __ read OUR FORMAT?..Thank you,__.
… OUR PURPOSES?… Thank you, __.

3- Dale. Will you lead us through TODAY’S AGENDA/ announcements?…Thank you, Dale.

(At 3:10 p.m. please read…)
4- Again, today’s suggested topic is: ___. I would like to hear everyone’s thoughts about this topic, or anything else that is on your mind. With today’s attendance, let’s each take about ( ) minutes. (We may use a timer to help us.) Please speak so that everyone can hear. What you say is important to us. Let’s go around the circle, starting on my left…Thank you..Thank you… etc.

5- (If there is time) Is there anyone who hasn’t spoken who is ready to speak now?..Thank you, __. Anyone else?…. Thank you, __.

(At 3:59 p.m. please announce…)
6- It’s time to close the Roundtable. Thank you for your attention and comments! If you have something more you want to say, please speak to someone about it on your way out!


OUR FORMAT: in this 60-minute RoundTable, we allot 15 minutes to readings and the agenda, and 45 minutes to individual comments– time distributed equally among all present.

OUR PURPOSES: In simply reading the agenda, we accomplish two goals: [1] to allow us to note on our handouts anything we want to follow up on, and [2] to guarantee maximum time for us to present our views and concerns. The result is we hear everyone’s viewpoints without skimping on the agenda.

GUIDELINES FOR LISTENING: Listening to the 15 minutes of readings/agenda allows us the opportunity to quiet our minds and silently reflect on what we hear and our inner thoughts. Listening to each other’s comments, we experience and appreciate a great variety of viewpoints.

GUIDELINES FOR RESPONDING: We will say “thank you” after you speak. Please save all other responses to each other until after the RoundTable. We don’t want to divert each other or ourselves from our own individual learning.

GUIDELINES FOR SPEAKING: Let’s each take only one turn to speak and speak about one minute, so we can offer everyone a turn. Or, if you prefer, you may just listen today. At your turn, please say something about the topic/agenda, or anything else that is on your mind. Try to end your comments on a positive note.

TODAY’S AGENDA (on another page)

TOPIC FOR TODAY (Options) Having heard the agenda and the suggested topic….
• What is on your mind this month semester? What gives you hope? options? solutions?
• What did you experience last week/last month that was interesting or important learning for you? In what way was it interesting or important?”
• What are your thoughts about the agenda? What else is on your mind?.


4 Responses to “Faculty Meeting RoundTable Guide”

  1. daviding Says:

    Sue, functionally, this seems to work … but it’s a lot of content for a single page.

    You might try breaking it down into multiple pages. This is where blogging might break down, because it could be difficult to manage responses across multiple pages.

  2. info Says:

    Test This comment comes from my other address info.

  3. info Says:

    I dont understand why it says no responses to “Roundtable Guide”. There was a reponse.

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    […] Figure 1 illustrates. Click to corresponding guides on this website: (i.e., intro, science, faculty). […]

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